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Rivalry with Ed Begley

By Bill Nye | Published: November 10, 2009 – 11:41 am

I happen to live up the street from one Ed Begley Jr. Oh yes, he’s a big time Hollywood actor. I say Hollywood, even though he, like me, lives in the great bit less prestigious Studio City. And oh yes, he’s been a green-living guy for many years. Ah, but I’m right behind him.

Bill on the roof of his house showing off the solar panels on his garage.

Bill on the roof of his house showing off the solar panels on his garage.

Since the early 1990′s, Ed has had solar panels, photovoltaic thin sheets of specially prepared silicon that convert sunlight directly into electricity. Oh yes, Ed’s got a brand new integrated solar heating and solar drinkable hot water system. Oh yes, Ed’s got a garden from which he gets plenty of vegetables. He’s got an on-site composter, too. And oh yes, Ed’s got a drought tolerant, what we like to call “xeriscaped,” yard. In Greek, “xeri” is “dry.” But I too, have all (well almost all) of these things. Ha! Begley; take that!

My claim is that my stuff looks better. I designed my hot water system four years ago, before his new fancy rig was available. But, I’ll come up with a heating system newer and cooler, er… and warmer, too.

Ed often indicates that he doesn’t much care how things look. Well, I guess not. That’s why he’s got his own show, on which he argues, er… discusses these issues with Rachelle, his wife.

My hope is that, through this friendly little competition, we can show people what is possible to do with energy saving systems right now. Heck, my garden uses much less water than a lawn. I eat the food, and it’s just so pretty. I’m still getting pumpkins well into November.

Bill does a guest appearance on Living with Ed on Planet Green

Bill does a guest appearance on Living with Ed on Planet Green

My next project is to finish my front lawn and xeriscape it. It’s raggedy, having just grown back on its own after I put a new porch out front. The porch saves energy, because it provides shade, and it’s as though I’ve added a new room on the house. It’s so pleasant on the porch that one isn’t inside using air conditioning or even heat most mornings. Ahhh… Ed’s porch is cramped and hardly ever used. Take that, man!

I’m coming after you, Begley! I’m going to crush you, Begley! Ha!

21 Responses to “Rivalry with Ed Begley”

  1. Anita Cooper says:

    All that’s well and good, but I found it easier and better to simply live in a one bedroom apartment and avoid having ten kids.

  2. Vivienne Yates says:

    Hi i would like to tell you that im in 8th grade and we dont watch your vidoes anymore but i was in the neighborhood so i decided to drop in!

    Now we dont watch the videos anymore but me and my class mates are huge fans(of course who isnt) and we all have your theme song memorized!

    Well thats all i have to say see you (well not really) later!

    A fan,
    Vivienne Yates

  3. Teri says:

    Hi Bill, Id like to go out for coffee sometime. I get a big kick out of you and Ed. I know this is a little unusual but how else could I possibly meet you??

  4. David Petterson says:

    Hi Bill

    I’m watching “your neighbors ” episode “staycation” & am really suprised with his & wife’s claims about he “can’t say no”

    Well, in a word, bullshit!

    I have wrote him a number of time reguarding new green products that save him $$$ & be good for his show. And all I ever got back from him was a “pompus” responce how he doesn’t need or want it & already has something better.

    So, maybe you’d be interested in some of these products. Then you could be up on him for a change & maybe get a new show for yourself. Call it “Beating on Ed” or “Uping over Ed”, “Bill Nye the green guy” ?

    He has no lock on all that’s green & there’s alot of room for someone else to show all the other green tech.

    This is much bigger than, say, TV car shows, which there are over 20 of.

    By the way, I’m also a neighbor. Though, maybe luckily, not quite as close.

    Dave Petterson

  5. Looks great! Quite opportune to find this kind of quality.

  6. Nice post. You’re in RSS now so I can see more from you sometime again.

  7. Dave says:

    @Anita Cooper AMEN!!!

    If people truly want to live green they should not procreate, should live in a modest home (apartment) that provides only what they need. Should take a look at their vehicles dust to dust impact on the environment (electric cars may be green in your wallet, but not the end all be all or best for the environment), they should buy things that last and buy locally made goods, no need to have a bunch of stuff shipped from over seas on slow air/ocean polluting ships. People need to get their head out of the clouds and do what is right for man kind and for the environment, not what makes them money….

    but…this will and can not happen any time in the near future. And if you study long and hard about it, going “green” does not lend itself to boosting the economy.

    I love Tom Hanks parading around in his prius…”look at me, green celebrity” who owns quite a few homes that are not small to say the least, take up space and precious resources to heat and cool and god only knows what else.

    At least is sounds like Bill Nye has the right idea.

  8. redshift says:

    Nice site, nice and quiet, not a lot of traffic here, it seems, I’ll just
    lay down and watch the grass grow and listen to Ed Begley stories. Mind if I start a campfire and cook some marshmellows and make my self at home?
    One thing I hate to hear is a lot of chanting with music, screaming,”Bill..” you get the idea. This site has a lot of room but not much in the way of expanding hyway contruction, I don’t have to worry about being disturbed by lots of people waa waa waking me up. I’m getting sleepy here, mind if I drag my sleeping bag closer to the fire? Nite!

  9. Donna says:

    Hello – I came to this site hoping to ask a question of Mr. Nye. However, it appears to do so one has to go through managers, handlers and the like. So, Mr. Nye, or anyone else who may read this and has a chemistry background, please feel free to answer. I am trying to understand what determines how molecules are formed. For instance, if I put some hydrogen atoms in a beaker and then put some oxygen atoms in the same beaker, what determines if I will get H2O or HO2, or H3O, etc, etc..? I know I must have learned this in a chemistry class I took about 100 years ago but can no longer recall the specifics. Thanks to anyone who can answer. – Donna

  10. My TiVo unit records the program Living with Ed for me so that I can enjoy watching the competition that takes place between you and Ed, your doing a great Job. I am looking for information on your pergola it is beautiful. I live in Texas and need to build one over my porch do to the direct sunlight on the house. Is there information available on the items that were used to build your pergola?

  11. I am grateful to have found this web page. Keep up the good postings.

  12. Jerry says:

    It’s a good website to benchmark with my home experiments on alternative energy sources and keeping my energy from the grid at minimum. Keep posting I love to learn some more ideas.

  13. Dylab Roberts says:


  14. Mr. Dave says:

    At 55, I have a great concern over what this generation is leaving our future generations. It is a crying shame. Education in the schools, classes in regards to “green contributions”. Our government should be first and foremost in funding programs, I don’t feel it is doing it’s best. I see the future of our planet in not so good of a light, in a matter of 100 years, mankind has destroyed this planet.
    We need people like you and Ed to keep pounding it into the kids and adults on how important it is that we make changes. . now. May God give you strength every day to help make the changes.

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  17. Penny says:

    I just purchased my first home and am excited about going “green”. I don’t have a TV, so I haven’t seen the shows but this website is inspirational. Thanks for leading the charge, Bill and Ed.

  18. Joseph Miller says:

    Hey Bill. I am from Nampa, Idaho and my English teacher is having us do a paper about you and a buch of other stuff. I am a freshman in high school and I wish i could still watch your videos, because you are awesome. I am a big fan. :):):):):):):):):):):)

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  20. home page says:

    Hi! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading through your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same topics? Thanks a lot!

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