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Snowflakes have hexagonal symmetry? Each one is flat with six sides.
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Climate Change for Watts on Website.004

By Bill Nye | Published: November 15, 2011 – 8:12 pm

Climate Change for Watts on Website.004

5 Responses to “Climate Change for Watts on Website.004”

  1. shay Maschka says:

    our school really likes bill nye shows we watched them on a dailey bases in 5th grade then in 6th gradfe we watched some and then 7th grade we watched them i think bill nye is an awesome scientist to bad are schoolcouldnt meet him…

  2. Dan Poole says:

    Mr Nye I want to meet you soooooooooo much please!!!!!!!!

  3. shamillia says:

    i really love your shows i like the way u said bill bill bill bill nye the science guy

  4. Dill Fye says:

    i am a big fan

  5. Like your shows too much.. awesome, amazing, fantastic…

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