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Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, the first recorded music player, more than 110 years ago?
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For Kids & Teachers

For Kids & Teachers


Hey kids, hey teachers! Here are the Home Demos, the experiments you should try at home sometime. We call them demonstrations (demos for short), because we hope we already know what’s going to happen. But of course, doing it for yourself is equal to being told what should happen about a thousand times. So, try them!

Keep clicking around and you’ll find the Episode Guides. It’s my collection of lessons and that helped us create each Bill Nye the Science Guy show. We have featured a few videos. We’ll add more in the coming weeks.

We’ve also made it easy for anyone to select from a number of Printable One Sheets. Print ‘em, and try ‘em.

My latest project is about math. I call it Solving for X. These are Pre-Algebra and Algebra problems that, I hope, will help you love math as much as I do. Math describes nature. When you check these out, you’ll see that billboards, detectives, and cupcakes are all found in nature.

Challenge yourself. Try the Pop Quiz. The more science you know, the easier it is to come up with the right answers. The questions you get wrong are the ones that help your knowledge grow. So, try it!