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Earth Day 2010

By Bill Nye | Published: April 22, 2010 – 8:07 am

Today, we celebrate our remarkable home planet. It has just the right balance of heat and light to create seasons, and more importantly, to have water as a solid, a gas, and especially as a liquid. Water is what makes the chemistry of living things possible. It really is amazing. The Earth is just the right distance from the Sun and is just the right size to allow animals like us to wonder all over the place. Perhaps even more remarkable: we have the ability to think about all this. We can think about our place in outer space. As my old professor Carl Sagan observed, humans are one of the Universe’s way of knowing itself. Today, we should remind ourselves that none of these thoughts would be possible without the Earth itself.

When Earth Day started out, back in 1970 before even disco music came to be, it was all about pollution. Humans were trashing the planet, especially our water and air. We have made a little progress, in some parts of the world our water is a little cleaner, and there is less smog in the air. In other places though, human trash is bad as ever and getting worse. More important than all the trash is Climate Change, an even more important reason to be mindful of Earth Day. There are so many people living on what is turning out to be a pretty small planet, that we’re changing our climate faster than ever in history. This will cause trouble for billions of us if we don’t get busy. So let’s work together and make the world cleaner and cooler. Using science and the shared knowledge that we all live on our favorite planet, we can change the world. Happy Earth Day.

17 Responses to “Earth Day 2010”

  1. tas46064 says:

    Happy Pale Blue Dot day!

  2. Josh says:

    Get your facts straight. We(humans) don’t control climate change. It is completely natural. The sad thing is left wingers like Al Gore and yourself are using Earth Day to promote a false agenda.

  3. Tara says:

    Thank you Mr. Nye for this insightful overview of Earth Day. I took a moment to have a discussion with my 8th grade students this morning and gave them a chance to read over your article. We really enjoyed discussing what we’ve learned about the importance of preserving Plant Earth and respecting the environment around us. I fondly remember my own middle school years and watching your science programs in class. I loved the enthusiasm and found science so interesting! Thank you for making science fun and thought provoking as well. I’m glad to see that the future generation, my students, are thinking forward, not backward. They are already aware of just how important knowledge truly is!
    Mrs. Tara Granzen
    PS: Wow! Lectures with Carl Sagan!

  4. Patrick H says:

    Hello Mr. Nye!

    I heard you try to begin to make a point on the Stephanie Miller Show about overpopulation. I have allays felt that this has always been the big elephant in the room that people fail to address. No one ever wants to talk about how our environmental efforts may amount to nothing if the human population continues to expand at current rates, or about what pollution levels might look like if the impoverished people of the world improve their quality of living and begin to consume more resources. I applaud you for taking this into consideration.


    Patrick H.

  5. Happy earth day. Keep up the good work. :)

    - from 1/1,000,000,000 of your fans

  6. TITO says:


  7. bob says:

    There are the arrogant people with agendas who continue to falsely claim there is any serious change in climate due to humans. They are the ones who profit while they pretend to solve a non-existent “problem”. They are keeping third world countries from developing and killing tens of thousands of children every year due to lack of water, refrigeration etc. This is a crime.

  8. Do you mind if I share this information to my students? I will properly cite you.

  9. love your movies brings me back to the olden days LOL miss you soooo much

  10. Jessabug says:

    Bill, I’m all for recycling and using alternative resources, but blaming it ALL on humans is not nice, we didn’t do all of it.
    And you’re giving the ‘Earth’ all of the credit of it’s beauty.
    GOD MADE EVERYTHING!!! Nowmatter how many times you say “nature” and ‘the Earth’ created it’s beauty. It was ALL God.

  11. Ninja2000 says:

    To you Patrick H.,
    What do you want to do about the population? Kill all the babies in the world and only allow 2 children per family? Because I’m pretty sure that would cause a HUGE war and totally mess up the Earth even more!!!!!!


  12. Anita Cooper says:

    Dear Bill Nye, You look good in the new photo and the royal blue shirt. Even though millions die from preventable diseases daily the world’s human population continues to grow too much and too successfully. Technology has allowed food production in places once thought impossible for agriculture, but population growth is still too rapid. Any solutions or answers to this problem are not easy. China’s two child policy has not solved it.

  13. James says:

    @ Josh: yes climate change is a natural process. Looking back at how many times Africa has been fertile and then a desert then back to fertile, many times over does prove that{Mousterian Pluvial era (about 50,000 B.C.) vs. the Africa we know today}. However, we as humans do have a responsibility to try and take care of the planet we live on. There is tons of scientific evidence that points to us helping destroy the environment. Are some of the fact blown out of proportion….yes, but it’s happening none the less. Considering we view ourselves to be the Apex species on this planet it’s our responsibility to try our best to keep our planet clean!! We didn’t develop the ability to reason, and use tools just to blow shit up!!

  14. angga says:

    hi mr. bill i’m angga from indonesia

    I just wanna say I really interest with your television education n happy earth day…

    to mr. Josh..

    Josh says:
    April 22, 2010 at 10:57 am

    Get your facts straight. We(humans) don’t control climate change. It is completely natural. The sad thing is left wingers like Al Gore and yourself are using Earth Day to promote a false agenda.

    although we don’t control climate change, but we can aim to the next generation to preserve the environment for a great future..

    pls call me on

  15. oscar says:

    u re cool aure class

  16. I totally agree with Jessabug.

  17. hashir says:

    I like to watch a Bill nye.We watch every week bill nye,s video

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