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Climate Change and Our National Interest

By Bill Nye | Published: February 12, 2010 – 11:30 am

Greetings scientists,

As I watched your comments about my recent television appearances, I was impressed by everyone’s passion. As a passionate guy myself, I appreciate it.

Here is my concern: a handful of apparently influential politically conservative figures in the media were drawing attention to the recent snows in Washington, D.C. A few asserted that the storm was evidence that human-made climate change is a myth.

Not only is that claim not reasonable, to my ear, the claim that they really don’t know better is not reasonable. To be sure, it is possible that some of these people really did or do believe that a snowstorm in February proves something about climate. But, much more reasonable to me is that they are doing their best to mislead their audiences.

Since the stakes are so very high for every human that will live into this century, I encourage those people to cut it out. We need to solve big problems as quickly as possible. We need new, reliable, well-distributed sources of energy. We need a means to produce and provide clean water for billions of people. Ideally, these challenges will be met all or in part with technologies developed in the United States, technologies that we can export. Efforts to thwart our society’s understanding of science are not in our national interest.

Stay passionate my friends, let’s work together and change the world.

Bill Nye

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