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Some bogs on Earth formed tens of thousands of years ago at the end of the last Ice Age?
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By Bill Nye | Published: February 2, 2012 – 9:51 am


5 Responses to “Its-Big-Arecibo”

  1. Sharon says:

    You were my 12 year old idol Bill Nye the science guy! You got me interested in everything I am and thank you, sorry gotta go plan my science fair experiment!! Bye, Bill Nye!!

  2. staci says:

    Bill Nye is amazing In fact I used to HATE science but know its so awesome you really take it apart and explain it in a fun way !

  3. Wondering says:

    Hey, wasn’t that in some james bond movie.

  4. kelly says:

    This is so cool :)

  5. kelly says:

    that’s is so cool :)

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