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Some reptiles, like lizards, snakes, and turtles, hibernate in the winter?
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About Bill Nye

Bill Nye Curriculum Vitae

William S. Nye
Studio City, CA 91605
Office 206.284.2693


  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, License # 21531Cornell University, Ithaca NY – 1977
  • PhD Honoris Causa, Doctor of Humane Letters, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD – 2008
  • Honorary PhD, Goucher College, Washington DC – 2000
  • Honorary PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic, Troy NY – 1999


  • Host and Head Writer, “Solving For X,” series of webisodes showing the importance of algebra for school-age children; produced by Disney Educational Productions – 2009
  • Host and Writer, “Stuff Happens,” television series covering the consequences of human activities on the environment; produced by Discovery Communications for their environmental channel, Planet Green – 2007-2008
  • Host and Writer, “The Greatest Inventions,” television series describing the remarkable history of human innovation and invention; produced by Discovery Communications for the Discovery Channel – 2006-2007
  • Host and Writer, “100 Greatest Discoveries,” television series that documents 100 of the greatest scientific discoveries in history, including thirteen episodes covering astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics; produced by Discovery Communications for the Discovery Channel – 2005-2006
  • Host, Producer, Writer, “The Eyes of Nye,” public television series which examined controversial topics such as pseudoscience, addiction, antibiotic drugs, nuclear waste, and cloning – 2003-2005
  • Spokesperson, Consultant, television Host, Noggin, children’s channel for the MTV Network – 1999-2001
  • Writer, Producer, Host, “Bill Nye The Science Guy,” award-winning television series examining elementary science education; co-produced by Buena Vista Television for The Walt Disney Company and KCTS-TV, Seattle – 1992-1998
  • Writer, Talent, “Almost Live,” a sketch comedy television series, produced by KING-TV, Seattle – 1986-1992

Other Positions and Employment

  • Licensed Mechanical Engineer, state of Washington – 1983-2009
  • Design Team member, MarsDial on board the Mars Exploration Rover, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology; conceived idea and assisted in design, vibration analysis, and public outreach – 1999-2009
  • Consulting Engineer, U.S. Department of Justice; consulted on configuration of A-12 fighter jet – 1997-2000
  • Consulting Engineer, Micro Encoder, Inc., Seattle WA; designed an electronic encoder-style micrometer and special tooling for calibration – 1989-1990
  • Consulting Engineer, Avtech Corporation, Seattle WA; designed liquid intrusion resistant knob and shaft for avionics communications equipment – 1989-1990
  • Engineer, Sundstrand Data Control, Redmond WA; designed oil well logging instruments and an inertial navigation system for business jets – 1981-1986
  • Engineer, Marco Seattle, Seattle, WA; designed equipment for oil slick skimming at sea, and for separation of water produced with oil in oil fields – 1980-1981
  • Engineer, The Boeing Company, Seattle WA; worked on flight control systems (rudder, horizontal stabilizer, flaps, ailerons); designed a hydraulic pressure resonance suppressor still in operation on Boeing 747′s – 1977-1980

Professional Memberships and Activities

  • The Planetary Society, Pasadena CA; Executive Director 2010 – present
  • The Planetary Society, Pasadena CA; Vice President 2004-2006 – 1998-2009
  • Union of Concerned Scientists, National Advisory Board 2006, Washington DC – 1979-2009
  • Mt. St. Helens Institute, Advisory Board, Portland OR – 2006-2009
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science, National Advisory Board, Washington DC – 2001-2005
  • Mars Athena Exploration Team, Cornell University – 1998-2009
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver CO – 2001-2009
  • New Horizons Mission to Pluto, Johns Hopkins University – 2001-2009

Honors and Awards

  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series, “Disney Presents Bill Nye The Science Guy,” National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – 1997-1998
  • Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing in a Children’s Series, “Disney Presents Bill Nye The Science Guy,” National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – 1998-1999, 1997-1998, 1996-1997, 1995-1996, 1994-1995
  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Producer in a Children’s Series, “Disney Presents Bill Nye The Science Guy,” National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – 1998-1999
  • International Science Advocate Award, Council for Elementary Science International – 2000
  • Best Children’s Live Action Show, Environmental Media Awards – 1994, 1996-1998
  • Carl Sagan Candle in the Dark Award for the Development of Critical Thinking – 1998
  • Distinguished Award for Conservation, U.S. Forest Service – 1997
  • International Film and Video Festival Gold Camera Award – 1992

Educational Activities

  • Frank H.T. Rhodes Class of ’56 University Professor, Cornell University – 2001-2005
  • Guest Lecturer, Cornell University -2001-2009


  • Ballet Toe Shoe, US Patent #7,254,904 B2 – 2007
  • Digital Abacus, US Patent #D399,522 -1998
  • Educational Lens, US Patent #5,515,203 -1996


  • Editor, Bill Nye The Science website, – 1997-2009

Author of 5 children’s books

  • “Big Blast of Science” – 1993
  • “Bill Nye’s Consider the Following” – 2000
  • “Bill Nye The Science Guy’s Big Blue Ocean” – 2002
  • “Bill Nye The Science Guy’s Great Big Dinosaur Dig” – 2003
  • “Bill Nye The Science Guy’s Great Big Book of Tiny Germs” – 2005

Contact information

Bill Nye
Nye Labs, LLC

4742 42nd Avenue SW, Suite 143
Seattle, WA 98116
Phone 206-284-2693

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