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Loud sounds have more energy than quiet sounds?
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Geometry Theorems in Sidewalk Chalk

By Bill Nye | Published: December 13, 2010 – 8:33 pm

Sunday morning around 9:00 am, I was riding my bike up and down some of the steeper hills in the fabled Hollywood Hills, which are to be sure not far from home. I like to feel the burn and appreciate the focus that steep climbs require, arrrgghhh… I came upon three 8th graders with chalk […]

Flying Sideways at USC

By Bill Nye | Published: December 2, 2010 – 9:03 am

When one is lying almost facedown on the stage at the University of Southern California’s Bovard Auditorium, the audience appears to be flying sideways. I had this view recently during a lecture I was giving when I passed out there, apparently from fatigue and mild food poisoning. If you’re at home and you feel sick, […]

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