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There are volcanoes in Iceland?
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Test Driving the Volt

By Bill Nye | Published: February 16, 2010 – 4:50 pm

Recently, I got to drive a prototype of the new Chevy Volt, the electric driven, gas tank back-up car. It seems to be fantastic. I drove it around the test track in the rain and in the dark. It’s a kick. It’s got plenty of pickup, very good handling, and an excellent braking system. It […]

Climate Change and Our National Interest

By Bill Nye | Published: February 12, 2010 – 11:30 am

Greetings scientists, As I watched your comments about my recent television appearances, I was impressed by everyone’s passion. As a passionate guy myself, I appreciate it. Here is my concern: a handful of apparently influential politically conservative figures in the media were drawing attention to the recent snows in Washington, D.C. A few asserted that […]

Larry King: Bill Nye vs. Richard Lindzen – February 2007

By Bill Nye | Published: February 2, 2010 – 2:59 pm

The Grand Xeriscape

By Bill Nye | Published: February 2, 2010 – 2:20 pm

It’s dry in Southern California. Even when it’s raining, it’s a dry Mediterranean or semi-arid climate. So, we do what we can to conserve water. By long tradition, humans in our culture want a front yard. Well, setting up a water-gulping grass lawn is not going to help things around here, and of course, it […]

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